Introducing Veyetals Third-Party Integration

Home care organizations looking to grow in today’s market require a vision that is unique, defendable, and sustainable. They must erect the infrastructure to support that vision, which includes the people of course, but also needs to include technology. Many service provider agencies grapple with the need for change, while not compromising their business-as-usual work that has kept the lights on all theseyears. At the root of this ecosystem is API lifecycle management.

Veyetals is a cloud-based platform equipped with APIs and the ability to support third party integrations; it is the closest thing to a true platform in home care and safe-to-work solutions and it provides a commbination of functionality, flexibility, and efficiency.

Partner Registration for Veyetals Integration

Veyetals has all the characteristics of a flexible solution and is well suited to be a long-term partner that can help your agency scale for growth and the future of the home care and safe-to-work industry.