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Are one of your new year’s resolutions to become more fit? Stay on top of your health? Improve your personal wellness? These are common resolutions we come up with, but often don’t know where to start to reach our goal. 

Improving health and wellness not only helps our physical health, but our mental health as well. Studies show that increase in exercise can help improve bouts of depression, and regulate anxiety. Here are three ways you can improve your health and wellness this new year. 

1. Do You Often Feel Anxious and Overwhelmed? Develop Anxiety Affirmations

Take control of your wellness and mental health this year, improve your feelings of worry and stress by developing short phrases to repeat to yourself.

An affirmation is a type of positive statement usually directed at oneself for the purpose of teaching self-love. While at the same time diminishing feelings of overwhelm, worry and fear. Research conducted by Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience at Oxford University suggests that anxiety affirmations work by activating the reward system in your brain. 

Repeating a statement to yourself can give it power and meaning. Enough repetition and intention can influence your brain into believing the statement. Anxiety affirmations, in addition to other exercises, are an easy easy way to cope with feelings of fear and panic.

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2. Want to Begin Working Out But Don’t Know Where To Start?

You dont need a costly gym membership to start your exercise journey, doing simple stretches or going for a jog around the block are great and simple ways to improve your physical health. Throwing yourself into the deep end with working out can be overwhelming. Starting small and simple and working your way up will lead to better morale and results long term. 

Create short-term goals in the beginning. Whether it is jogging for 20 minutes, doing stretches or a lap around the building while at your work. Exercise can boost your mental health and relieve the effects of a foggy brain, especially when it comes to the workplace. 

3. Improve Your Health Literacy By Measuring and Tracking Your Vital Signs

There are many ways to determine your level of stress and the stats mentioned above. You can visit a pharmacy or a doctor to get these levels tested, or even purchase your own medical devices such as heart rate monitors, oximeters, and blood pressure machines. New technology has paved the way for fitness watches and trackers, devices such as the apple watch and fitbit, to track these measures as well.

The problem with the above methods is that they can often be time consuming or costly. Not everyone has the means to afford costly medical devices or new tech. Going to a pharmacy can take time and may not always be an option for everyone. veyetals, a wellness app developed by MarkiTech (Markitech.AI ™), in collaboration with Queen’s University Computer, Vision and AI Lab, uses a real-time health monitoring system to measure thse biomarkers and more. Within 90-95% accuracy levels using your smartphone’s camera. veyetals is easy to access, use, and track information on, making healthcare more accessible to at-risk populations without the need for costly medical devices.

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