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Furthering Accessibility Through AI Innovations in Healthcare

Real-time health monitoring system using IoT. Our vital signs camera app allows you to capture more data easily for your telemedicine visits. Expand your contactless solution using video-based health monitoring.

Recent developments in image processing along with the computing capabilities of smartphones and the cloud have enabled the extraction of an individual’s heart pulsations from pixel changes in video images of human skin surfaces. We can measure various biomarkers within 90-95% accuracy levels today!

Our app is designed to make vitals detection and monitoring more accessible without the need for costly medical devices.


Making healthcare more accessible to at-risk populations. With almost half the global population now owning a smartphone, we are able to extend the capabilities of the hardware that each of us carry around in our pocket.

Vitals History

Track your vitals history in our app. Measure your heart rate, respiratory levels, oxygen saturation and more. You can view them in weekly and monthly charts which can be easily shared with your caregivers and physicians.

In-App Integrations

As we grow our cloud infrastructure and capabilities, we are able to package our technology in a lightweight API to be integrated through the healthcare apps that matter to you most, including SenSights.AI.


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