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The capacity to recognize, interpret, and react to the emotions of others is just as important as the capacity to articulate and control one’s own emotions is termed emotional intelligence. Imagine living in a society where you could not recognize your friend’s sadness or your coworker’s rage.

Artificial emotional intelligence is the ability of computers to understand emotions by evaluating data such as facial expressions, movements, tone of voice, keyboard force, and more to ascertain a person’s emotional state and then respond to it.

How Emotion AI Works

Emotion AI, commonly referred to as affective computing fundamentally employs artificial intelligence to identify emotions. These emotion-intelligent machines can comprehend both the cognitive and emotive modes of human communication. It enables them to recognize, understand, and effectively react to verbal and nonverbal cues.

Many efforts are being made in the research community to teach machines how to feel. Deep learning and machine learning are particularly pertinent in this regard. These technologies use images and speech recognition software as the robots’ input methods. In this approach, the machines develop the ability to identify and understand facial expressions and voice tones, such as: Is that smile happy or sad? Does it make things worse or better than they were before? However, scientists are also focusing on factors like heart rate and skin temperature, which, among other things, help create wearables that are as intelligent as possible.

Emotion AI in Today's World

With the aid of its product Affdex for Market Research, the emotion identification software company Affectiva assists advertisers and video marketers in gathering real-time facial expression data while watching a video. To provide its clients, like Kellogg’s and CBS, with ideas for how to best use their content and media budgets, this information is compared to the company’s emotion database as well as benchmarks for sales boost, brand recall, and other factors. The business is also assisting the automotive sector in developing new modes of transportation, including improved passenger comfort and safety, through artificial emotional intelligence. It also serves as a system for driverless vehicles and advanced driver status monitoring solutions to detect intoxicated or sleepy drivers.

Technology based on artificial emotional intelligence may help detect mental health issues. When someone speaks into their phones, CompanionMx’s mental health monitoring software can detect indications of anxiousness and mood swings.

 The BioEssence wearable gadget, developed by the MIT Media Lab, uses variations in heart rate to detect pain, stress, and aggravation and then emits a smell to help the user get through those emotions. 

There is so much more to look forward to within the field of emotional AI and that includes that we at Veyetals are currently working hard to provide. Kepp up to date on what’s new by following us on LinkedIn!

The Future of Emotion AI

In the past two years, emotional AI providers have entered new markets and sectors, assisting businesses in enhancing customer service and achieving significant cost reductions. So, a bright future is waiting for emotion AI in the medical field, just like artificial intelligence. It will enable physicians to diagnose a patient by the automated system. This is going to save their time and energy too.

                     Now we can say that “Emotions Talk.”

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