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Medically Reviewed By: Dr Alexander Evans MD MBA FACS

Image Credit: Mayo Clinic

No one disagrees anymore with the hypothesis that our society has become unmanageably fast paced; you can almost imagine your personality yo-yoing in and out of you, ahead of your body just now in shimmering holograms and then wobbling back in like multi-coloured jelly as you go about your daily routines or – to be honest – your “routines” tugging you around like a pet on a leash. But while we’re all busy being “all that” in this modern dystopia of quick decisions, responses, results, does anyone stop to ask what it’s doing to our bodies? Like, do we even stop to ask our bodies how they’re doing? And so it’s our health that suffers the most, and most frequently at that – until it is too late. Mercifully, modern technologies like Remote Photoplethysmography (rPPG) have made it simpler, more effective, and—most importantly—non-invasive to monitor our vital signs i.e., to ask our bodies how they’ve been doing lately. This development represents a new turning point in personal wellness and preventive healthcare.

The Development of Vital Signs Apps and rPPG Technology

Health monitoring has experienced a paradigm shift thanks to rPPG technology.  rPPG makes contactless patient monitoring possible by using sophisticated sensors and cameras to detect changes in blood volume directly from the skin’s surface. There are numerous apps out there, powered by this technology, that are tracking vital signs , and enabling remote tracking of important health metrics.

The Practicality of Vitals Apps

In the last decade or so, smartphone technology has advanced so far that we now have the ability to monitor our health using vital signs apps that we download to our phones. These applications track blood pressure, heart rate, and even oxygen saturation using rPPG technology. Dr. McCoy’s bulky Tricorder has nothing on these handhelds and their apps that provide a level of convenience that was unthinkable a few years ago; health monitoring is now as simple as opening an app on your phone to check your vitals.

The Value of Consistent Monitoring

Health crises don’t book appointments; they just come like your mother-in-law, mostly unannounced. You have to keep sharp, looking out the corner of your eye like Clint Eastwood, see them coming from a long way away. And just like your mother-in-law you can’t run away or hide from health crises either; but you can prepare yourself. Vital signs monitoring on a regular basis can save lives, especially for people with long-term illnesses like diabetes. Diabetes care has been completely transformed by prickless glucose monitors and diabetes meters, which make frequent blood sugar checks possible without the discomfort associated with more conventional techniques.

Accessibility via Vitals Sign Apps at No Cost

A larger audience can now access this technology thanks to the free vital signs apps available for download. These applications offer a useful service to people who might not have access to more sophisticated or expensive options, although their features and accuracy can often vary. Therefore, it is extremely important to do your research about the app and any associated devices.

Programmes for Corporate Wellbeing

Corporate wellness initiatives have recently started incorporating these technologies in order to improve employee health. Employers are investing in the well-being of their workforce by promoting regular health monitoring through vitals apps and gadgets like prickless glucose monitors. This results in a workforce that is healthier and more productive.

The Prognosis for Health Monitoring

The continuous advancement and assimilation of technologies such as rPPG and contactless patient monitoring devices into our daily lives holds the key to the future of health monitoring. We should anticipate a move towards more proactive and preventive healthcare as these technologies get refined and become more widely used.

In summary

The ability to routinely monitor your vital signs with cutting-edge, non-invasive technologies represents a watershed in managing our own health. These technologies enable us to take charge of our health, whether it’s via a remote photoplethysmography system, a prickless glucose monitor, or a vital signs app. They serve as a reminder that prevention is always preferable to treatment when it comes to health and wellbeing.Never forget that your greatest asset is your health. It’s not only convenient to check your vitals on a regular basis; doing so may even save your life.