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Detecting Your Face

We detect your face through a deep learning model, that instructs users whether their face is positioned correctly.

Processing Frames

We use a very low-light algorithm that processes the camera’s frames with your face on them.

rPPG Technology

With our algorithm, we get the rPPG vital signs by processing the video captured so we know the exact frame of your heartbeats and the time you have a heart rate peak.

Calculating Vital Signs

By verifying these peaks, we know when your heart beats which gives us the heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, blood pressure and stress.

Veyetals has a 90% to 95% accuracy. Factors that may affect the accuracy include poor lighting conditions and too much movement. For more accurate results, please ensure that you are in a well-lit area and place your device on a stable surface. Other factors such as weight, age, race, etc, do not affect the accuracy of the readings.

It takes about 30 seconds to record the video and send it to the algorithm

Another 30 seconds for the algorithm to process and return the vitals.

Veyetals does not save any data. The entirety of the process takes place on the app. As a user, you can decide where and how to store your data, as well as who receives and has access to your data.

Only one person can have their vitals measured at a time, however multiple people can use the app consecutively.

Make you have a strong and stable internet connection and that your device has been updated to the latest firmware.