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Veyetals is proud to have many pilots & clinical trials underway to prove & improve the accuracy of our algorithms. You can read more about our Pilots by clicking on the links below. Please allow a slight delay, we will send a link to the document to your email shortly after you request it.

CRISP Healthcare x Veyetals Case Study

The Veyetals contactless smartphone vital systems tracker entered and completed its Phase 1 clinical study in May 2021 through the direct observation and leadership of Marion O. Lee, Jr., MD. Dr. Lee is a Pain Management Physician at Crisp Regional in Cordele, GA, USA

Veyetals Cardiology Pilot
Phase 1 Case Study

Studies done by the cardiology department at DMG Clinic, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and Shifa International Hospital, Cardiology and Eye Clinic Wards, Pakistan, results in over 80% total valid readings of heart rate and 02 readings.

Dixie Medical Group Clinical Study Report from Dr. Cheema

Dr. Asim Cheema, MD, PhD, FRCP(C) shares his executive summary & conclusion of the clinical study conducted by the cardiology department at Dixie Medical Group, in Mississauga, Ontario. AI algorithms are show promising accuracy.

Shifa International Hospitals Letter to Veyetals Clinical Study Summary & Conclusion

Shifa International Hospital Cardiologist shares his experience with the Veyetals application amid initial clinical study for taking a snapshot of a patient’s vitals. The study was conducted with roughly 40 individuals with diverse background in a clinical setting during June 2021.

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