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What clinicians are saying about veyetals:

"I'm a big supporter of this technology. It is unique, caregivers, physicians and nurses will be able to monitor vitals 24/7. This technology can help with the vision of having a hospital at home."
"I've been very impressed by the app. Like the ability to take a snapshot of multiple things, some snapshots of vitals that I was unable to do clinically otherwise; such as heart rate variability and mental health evaluations."
"The usability of the app is great, it was quite easy for me to follow the steps and get the results. I'm quite fascinated with the technology. It's quite game-changing, the opportunity set is pretty big."

What our partners & users are saying about veyetals:

"Veyetals is vital. It's a very important tool for people to have knowledge right there at their fingertips. Knowledge about what's going on with their physical health and being able to do something about it."

Video Testimonials: