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Introducing Veyetals Pro

Veyetals Pro is a game-changing, non-intrusive, mobile vitals monitoring solution.

The Veyetals Pro solution consists of a mobile medical cart with an embedded tablet running our Veyetals app, attached lights and an infrared camera. Allowing you to give efficient, yet quality care to a number of patients with just one cart. 

The Veyetals application runs continuously on the tablet, capturing the vital signs as soon as an individual’s face is detected. Or alternatively, with one’s finger placed on the back camera. With Veyetals you are able to calculate:

  • Heart Rate
  • Heart rate variability
  • Blood Pressure
  • Oxygen Saturation
  • Overall Mental Stress

All in just 30 seconds. Once the vital signs are recorded they can easily be shared with the physician or added to the patient’s file.

Designed to not only improve patient care but also aid the healthcare providers with a simple and streamlined process and experience.

Ability to assist hospitals, clinics, long term facilities, and aging in place patients; with monitoring patients who are elderly, cognitive declined or motor impaired.

A perfect contactless solution for those who experience sensory issues, or other ailments such as Fibromyalgia for example. Which affects about 4 million US adults, about 2% of the adult population.

In Clinical Setting

Veyetals Pro has a capacity to make the whole Vital sign capturing process cordless. It is a relief for not only patients but also for the nurses.
Veyetals Pro automates the vital sign collection and will eventually help to reduce the ever existing nurse burnout and turnover.
Once deployed in a hospital setting it can be extremely helpful and will also ultimately reduce the healthcare cost.

Outside Clinical Setting

Tracking of vital signs is important especially for older adults and individuals with chronic conditions. Nearly half (45%) of U.S. adults are dealing with at least one chronic condition. Of those who are living with two or more conditions, 78% have high blood pressure and 45% have diabetes — two health conditions more effectively managed when people track their own data.

Half of all trackers update their records or notes only occasionally and most do not share the data with anyone else. So there is a need for a proper platform to keep track of biometrics that also has an option to share the results with the clinician. Using Veyetals application one can easily capture the vital signs and can also keep track of them.