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Are you looking for a quick and convenient way to measure your heart rate? Veyetals is a free and completely contactless heart rate app that allows you to use your smartphone camera to not only measure your heart rate, but also your heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and overall mental stress. Traditional devices like fitbits and trackers are bulky and expensive. Veyetals is the solution.

Why a Heart Rate App?

Your heart rate is an important indicator of overall health, and tracking this parameter gives insight on your personal wellbeing both mentally and physically. Many people may not realize their resting heart rate is too high or too low due to factors like sleep, caffeine intake, stress etc. Tracking your heart rate and heart rate variability can allow you to mitigate the activities and substances that are negatively affecting your heart. Leading to better mental and heart health.

How A Heart Rate App like Veyetals Works

Veyetals measures your heart rate in the app using rPPG (remote photoplethysmography) technology through your front smartphone facing camera. rPPg uses the contrast between specular and diffused reflection to calculate the variance of RGB (red, green, blue) light reflection variations in human skin. The light reflected from the skin is known as specular reflection. Diffused reflection, on the other hand, is the reflection that remains after absorption and dispersion in skin tissue, which fluctuates depending on blood volume changes.

rPPg has four main components in the process: Skin pixel selection, Signal extraction, Signal filtering, and Output calculations. First, The face and facial features are detected through video imaging via smartphone/webcam camera. Then, the average of each pixel colour (red, green, blue) of the face is measured over time. Subsequently, the AI detects noise from head motions, and generates our offered vital signs. The results are then calculated and shown to you with 90-95% accuracy (our AI is constantly learning, improving on this number!)

The Background on Veyetals

veyetals, a wellness app developed by MarkiTech (Markitech.AI ™), in collaboration with Queen’s University Computer, Vision and AI Lab, uses a real-time health monitoring system to measure thse biomarkers and more. Within 90-95% accuracy levels using your smartphone’s camera. veyetals is easy to access, use, and track information on, making healthcare more accessible to at-risk populations without the need for costly medical devices.

About Us

Our cloud based, lightweight API allows veyetals to be integrated with the healthcare apps and platforms that matter to you most. The app is interoperable with other healthcare management systems including, but not limited to, SenSights.AI. veyetals drives information sharing with other health management solutions and further enhances the continuum of patient care. 

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Credits: IEEE Xplore, Sutter Health

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