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Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are two of the most widespread respiratory illnesses that afflict millions of individuals worldwide. Managing an illness like COPD or asthma can be difficult for people who have it. Oxygen levels are among the most crucial factors to keep an eye on. Apps that enable users to monitor their oxygen levels at home, like Veyetals, can help with this. In this blog, we’ll look at the many advantages of employing technology to check your oxygen levels at home.


Checking Oxygen Levels at Home is Convenient


The simplicity that comes with using apps like Veyetals to check oxygen levels is undoubtedly the biggest advantage. Regular checkups at the doctor’s office can be inconvenient and time-consuming for people who have COPD or asthma. Users of Veyetals can check their oxygen levels whenever they like, in the convenience of their own homes. As a result, less time and money will be spent on doctor appointments, leaving more time for other pursuits.


How to Spot Early Warning Signals


Oxygen levels can be a reliable sign of a person with COPD or asthma’s general health. Monitoring oxygen levels carefully can help users spot early indicators of an asthma attack or COPD flare-up. This could be very helpful since it might enable people to take precautions that might lessen how severe the attack or flare-up is.


Increasing Treatment Results


Home oxygen level monitoring can potentially increase the efficacy of therapy regimens. Users of Veyetals can monitor changes in their oxygen levels as a result of medication or dietary changes. With this information, doctors can modify treatment plans to make sure that patients are benefiting the most from their care.


Maintaining Your Health


Finally, monitoring oxygen levels with apps like Veyetals can help people take charge of their own health. Those who have access to this information may be better equipped to decide on their own medical care and treatment. Patients can lead better lives and lessen the severity of their symptoms by being proactive.



Overall, persons with COPD and asthma can benefit greatly from using apps like Veyetals to check their oxygen levels at home. It not only offers convenience, but it can also assist in spotting early warning symptoms and enhance the effectiveness of treatments. Also, it can assist patients in taking charge of their health and living healthier lifestyles.

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