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Integrate Veyetals into your own app using our technology

Why Integrate?
Home care organizations looking to grow in today’s market require a vision that is unique and sustainable. Remote patient monitoring and checking vitals has never been easier with our app.
Introducing The Veyetals API
Veyetals is a cloud-based platform equipped with APIs and the ability to support third party integrations; providing a combination of functionality, flexibility, and efficiency.
Introducing The Veyetals SDK
In addition to our API, Veyetals is working on a Software Development Kit (SDK) to further support third party integrations; and take your app to the next level.
Introducing Veyetals Web Browser Support
In addition to our state-of-the-art mobile applications for iOS and android, we are working on implementing our technology via web browser. No downloads necessary.

Our API is innovative versatile simple made for you.

easy and seamless integration

Our API technology allows us to integrate Veyetals into your app within days. With a dedicated team to support you every step of the way and beyond.

ensures your data is private and secure

Veyetals does not collect nor store your private health data. Video which the algorithm uses to calculate your vital signs are deleted after results are generated.

limited internet connection needed

Our application and algorithm runs in the cloud. Meaning anyone with access to internet can use our service freely.

made for anyone and everyone

Our technology works by analyzing video frames of the skin on your face or finger, with 90% accuracy. Regardless of age, gender, and ethnicity. Veyetals is ideal for tracking and gaining more insight on your stress, anxiety, and overall wellness.

quick and easy biometrics capturing

Veyetals uses rppg technology and photoplethysmography to capture your Heart Rate, Oxygen Saturation, Blood Pressure and more, all in one place. And in just under 60 seconds.

supports contact and contactless snapshots of your vitals

Extract your vitals just by using a mobile device’s front camera, or alternatively by placing a finger on a mobile device’s back camera.

includes basic and premium features

Our API will equip you with all available veyetals features, including blood pressure, the ability to save results, and historic data charts. At no extra cost to you.

offers mobile device support at anytime

Our app supports both iOS and Android mobile devices. With web browser support coming soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you register to be a partner, our team will contact you to discuss your needs and how veyetals fits into your existing app. With a dedicated support team, we are here to cater our capabilities to your vision. And helping you every step of the way in the integration process.

Veyetals currently supports iOS and Android mobile devices, with web browser support coming soon.

Our API requires a limited internet connection. Our SDK option has the added benefit of working without any internet connection at all. So you can take a snapshot of your vitals anytime, anywhere.

Veyetals does not require any other external devices, medical or otherwise. Simply use the front-facing camera, or place your finger on the back camera of your mobile device. And receive your vital results in under 60 seconds. Disclaimer: Veyetals is not a replacement for medical-grade devices.

For us to calculate your wellness vitals like HR, HRV, Blood pressure, Stress etc.m We will capture your video and run our algorithm on it on using secure encrypted connection with HIPAA secure AWS cloud – we do not store the video and it is deleted immediately after calculating your face vitals within 1 hour via a pre-scheduled cron job. Once your vitals are calculated – results are populated immediately and we ensure to de-link, and render anonymous your Personal Information like name, phone, email etc., from your wellness records on a monthly basis.

Read our Privacy Policy Here

Integrate Veyetals Into Your App Today.

Veyetals has all the characteristics of a flexible solution and is well suited to be a long-term partner that can help your agency scale for growth and the future of the home care and safe-to-work industry.