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Veyetals For: Sleep

Most of us are aware of the impacts of things like exercise, stress, and overwhelm on our vital signs such as heart rate, and blood pressure. Many of us track these vital signs before and after a workout, or when we are feeling stressed. But did you know that your sleep patterns are also closely related to heart rate and hypertension (high blood pressure) as well?

Sleep influences the autonomic system, the part of our nervous system that controls our involuntary actions; like our heart beat and the constriction of our arteries. These functions impact our heart rate and blood pressure.

Most adults need about 7-8 hours of rest each night. However according to the CDC about 1 in 3 adults say they do not get the recommended amount. Sleep deprivation can lead to hypertension, which is why it is important to practice healthy sleeping patterns. REM sleep is essential for good heart health, as this is when the body recuperates and allows the heart to recover from stress and strain from day life.

On days you feel sleep deprived it can be beneficial to track your heart rate and blood pressure to make sure that you are at healthy levels. If you are prone to high stress and blood pressure, tracking these signs daily and noting the hours and quality of sleep can help you understand the relationship between the three.

Our app operates using a cloud based, lightweight API. This technology allows Veyetals to be integrated with other healthcare apps and platforms. Veyetals drives information sharing with other health management solutions and further enhances the continuum of patient care.

Vu Kiet Tran, MD, MHSc, MBA, CHE, ICD.D | University Health Network, Toronto

Dr. Tran has over 15 years of clinical experience in both Emergency Medicine and Primary Care and is the owner and operator of three Primary care clinics in the Greater Toronto Area since 2003. Dr. Tran was formerly Medical Director for Best Doctors Canada, Medical consultant with Eli Lilly and Dynacare Medical Laboratories.