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Navigating the Accuracy and Reliability of Vitals Tracking Apps

Medically Reviewed By: Gideon KwokImage Credit: Canva Key Takeaways Technological Innovation and User Empowerment: Vitals tracking apps, empowered by rPPG technology, are transforming health monitoring by providing users with the convenience…

The Evolution of Vitals Monitoring: From Clinics to Smartphone Apps

Medically Reviewed By: Alexander Evans Image Credit: Canva Key Takeaways Technological Evolution in Vitals Monitoring: The shift from traditional clinical settings to smartphone apps and wearable devices for monitoring vital signs represents…

Exploring Toronto’s Telehealth Landscape

Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Hanif Chatur Key Takeaways Inclusive Health Services: Toronto’s telehealth scene offers a diverse range of services in multiple languages, integrated with Ontario’s healthcare system for a seamless…

Beyond Speed: The Dynamic World of RPM Solutions

Image Credit: Canva  In today’s fast-paced business landscape, organizations face increasing pressure to optimize their efficiency, productivity, and performance. Traditional performance management approaches, relying on historical data and retrospective analysis,…

5 ways to Manage Increased Stress

The Reality: Increased Stress, Lack of Wellness Prep Focus on workplace wellness, stress and mental health is an important conversation to have in today’s world. With professional stressors, financial stressors,… (1)

Measuring Oxygen Levels with Veyetals

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Hanif Chatur ✅ Key Takeaways Veyetals is an innovative app that uses rPPG technology and advanced AI algorithms to enable effortless and accurate gathering of vital…