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If you’re here you’re probably wondering, “how can a smartphone check vitals without any medical devices?”. While it may seem too good to be true, let’s talk about the very real science and technology that powers veyetals. 

Who’s checking your vitals? Well, Artificial Intelligence.

Veyetals ability to check your vital signs is powered by artificial intelligence. We partnered with Queen’s University Big Data Analytics and Management Lab, and developed an AI algorithm that uses the video camera on your phone to calculate your Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Oxygen Levels, Blood Pressure, and overall Mental Stress. Our AI uses remote photoplethysmography (rPPG) technology. It does this by analyzing facial skin, to obtain a plethysmographic signal from changes in light reflected from the skin.

Our AI is self-learning, meaning it learns and grows more accurate the more data it receives. We have conducted multiple pilot studies with accredited health institutions and professionals, to continuously improve and ensure our technology works. At the time of writing this, our algorithm can currently give readings at 90-95% accuracy, and this number is always improving. 

The Bigger Picture: Integration

Our cloud based, lightweight API allows veyetals to be integrated with the healthcare apps and platforms that matter to you most. The app is interoperable with other healthcare management systems including, but not limited to, SenSights.AI. veyetals drives information sharing with other health management solutions and further enhances the continuum of patient care. 

The Bottom Line: Wellness For All

Our mission and goal has always been to provide an easy and free way to help track your vital signs in tandem with traditional medical devices. We understand that traditional medical devices can be costly, hard to use, especially for those who experience sensory issues. Veyetals can help with that. Let us work together to make wellness and health literacy something easily accessible to everyone. 

For more information: read our pilot studies, and learn more about the technology. Listen to what health professionals, partners, and users have to say about veyetals

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